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Benefits of a bagless vacuum cleaner

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In the last few years, sales of bagless vacuum cleaners have exploded. Every day more and more people choose to replace their traditional bag vacuum cleaners, with bagless vacuum cleaners models. These new bagless systems have improved in their power, efficiency and overall cleaning ability. In many of today’s homes, bagless vacuums have become a default appliance.


1. No more replacing bags.

For many people, this is the principal reason to change from a traditional vacuum cleaner to one without bags. Over the years many manufacturers have stopped making bags for vacuums and many times the generic bags ones do not work as well as the original manufacturer bags.

2. Energy efficiency.

These last few years the power of the motors vacuum cleaners has been limited to under 1600W as this reduces the significant waste of electrical usage. In years past a very high wattage motor was needed for good cleaning but that is no longer the case.

3. HEPA filters for allergies and asthma.

These types of filters are included with the majority of bagless vacuum cleaners. They are designed to trap the smallest dust particles and filter it out, so it does not go back into your newly cleaned home. There are other types of bagless vacuums filters with carbon cleaning and filtration, these filters are carbon-activated and help eliminate odors and are very highly recommended for houses that have pets.

4. Easy to clean dust container.

In most bagless vacuum cleaners, the dust container is usually a simple plastic bin. Remove the dirt bin from the unit and throw away whats inside. The collect dust and debris are all there and place the bin back on the machine. One quick and easy tip is to wash and rinse the inside of the plastic dust container with water. That way, there is no dust when it gets placed back on the vacuum cleaner.

In conclusion, bagless vacuum cleaners are easy to use hygienic and practical. Thanks to the advances in the last few years they have become a household item that needs little maintenance and upkeep. In the past, one of the important drawbacks to bagless vacuum cleaners was the possible loss of suction in the system over time. In today’s higher-end machines, this is not really a problem, all though, on cheaper machines, this might still become a problem issue in the future.