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Household Vacuum Cleaners – Should you get a Canister Or Upright?

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In large homes, storage space can seem abundant; but in houses of all sizes storage closets always get crowded. Keeping things organized and clean is nothing to worry about with the proper tools.

We all have questions about vacuum cleaner. When is the best time of the year to buy a vacuum cleaner? What type should I get?

A household appliance purchase many of us make after early in our life is a simple vacuum cleaner. This appliance can usually last for years, so it is essential to making the right choice.

canister vs upright
Canister VS Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The thing we all look for in a vacuum are usefulness, practicality, and that is provides outstanding cleaning performance at a reasonable price.  Most household vacuum cleaners are meant to last and eliminate germs that can be detrimental to our health.

How do we determine if we should choose a canister vacuum or upright vacuum cleaner?

Something to consider

When we start looking for a vacuum cleaner is can seem overwhelming. Today’s market is growing in distinct designs, a vast array of characteristics and features and some robotic vacuums that don’t even look like vacuum cleaners. There is a more significant number of brands to choose from than ever before. From Black & Decker to Hoover to Sebo, Miele, Bosch, BISSELL, Electrolux, and Oreck, there are hundreds of other companies from around the world that produce both canister vacuums as well as upright vacuums.

So how does one choose? Where do we even begin in our vacuum cleaner quest? How do you discover among the broad range and find which vacuum is the best you and your home? Let us start with some of the guidelines and important aspects to consider:

Eight simple points to consider before choosing any types of vacuum cleaner.
  1. The total size of your home.
  2. The different types of surfaces that need to will regularly be vacuumed; some examples are fabrics in sofas and curtains, carpets, tile & wooden floors.
  3. The amount of dust in your home; many things can influence the level of dust particles in your home, and these can vary significantly from home to home, so its good to take children and pets such as cats & dogs into consideration.
  4. How frequently will you be vacuuming? (Weekly, Bi-weekly, daily, alternate days, etc…)
  5. Space and location available for vacuum cleaner storage
  6. Price
  7. Features required: HEPA filter, self-cleaning, motor loudness
  8. Bag or bagless

From our research, an excellent long lasting vacuum cleaner from a reputable and established manufacturer can typically be purchased between $300-$600.

Types of Household Vacuums

Though there are numerous varieties of vacuum cleaners available to consumers today, some examples are robotic vacs, central home systems, light stick vacs, canisters, and uprights. Canister and Upright vacuums are the two most popular types and for a good reason!

Top 10 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Tips - 7 PROS / 3 CONS

Pros of Canister Vacuum Cleaners


  1. Canister vacuums cleaners have quiet and powerful motors. If being able to clean in a low noise environment is essential, they should be considered.
  2. Canister vacuums usually come with attachment and accessories that clean numerous types of surfaces; such as tile floors, curtains, stairs, furniture, upholstery, sofas, hardwood, stone surfaces and carpeted floors.
  3. Canister vacuums have excellent handling and maneuverability, making them great for reaching under furniture and around many obstacles.
  4. Canister vacuum cleaners are generally smaller, more stylish and more powerful and upright vacs.
  5. With canister vacs, you can simply discard the dust bag. You won’t have to get your hands dirty to throw out the garbage. Some current models also come with the bagless option.
  6. There are vast options when it comes to selecting a canister vacuum cleaner model. With a great variety of functional features for the price.
  7. Canister vacs have a two-part design; their long hose allows for smooth movement without having to move the entire machine.

Cons of Canister Vacuum Cleaners


  1. Canister Vacuum Cleaners can be slightly heavier than many upright vacuums.
  2. The vacuum hose and the wand attachment can make the storage more complicated.
  3. Canister/barrel vacs are usually more costly than upright vacs.

Top 10 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Tips - 7 PROS / 3 CONS

Pros of Upright Vacuum Cleaners


  1. Upright vacuum cleaners are the more “traditional” type of household vacuum.
  2. Upright vacs are easier to store since they do not have any attachments or multiple pieces.
  3. They can give a more extensive cleaning range than canister vacuums.
  4. Uprights vacuum cleaners are lightweight and comfortable to carry with one hand.
  5. Some come with extremely long power cords.
  6. With powerful motors, they do a fantastic job at cleaning plush and thick carpets.
  7. Customarily more affordable when compared to canister vacuums.

Cons of Upright Vacuum Cleaners


  1. Noise can be a problem; upright vacs are generally much noisier to operate than canisters. 
  2. You need to carry the whole machine to get any cleaning done.
  3. Maneuverability is a problem, cleaning furniture or stairs with an upright can be extremely difficult if at all possible.
Five Tips and Things Remember Before Buying A Vacuum for your Home
  1. Portability.  Some vacuums are more comfortable to carry around in a store than in a home. Stairs, hallways, and furniture all mater when it comes to portability.
  2. Choose early on if you want bagless or bag vacuum cleaner. Bagless vacuums are generally more expensive while bag vacuum cleaners are easier to maintain and don’t lose their suction power over time as frequently.
  3. Protect the hearing and ears of everyone in your home! Noisy vacuums are cheaper but not in the long run. We recommend not to buy any vacuum cleaner that makes over 79 decibels at its lowest power setting. Generally, canisters are quieter.
  4. HEPA filters – The majority of vacuum cleaners now come with HEPA filters either as a standard feature or as a paid option. We strongly suggest making sure that your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter option available.
  5. Price – buy the best vacuum you can afford. In the long run, a good quality vacuum will be better for your health if used regularly.

In Closing

Being prepared and gather the correct information will help you make the best decision to buying a vacuum cleaner. When choosing between a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum the most simple terms are: if money is not an issue, a canister vacuum is usually a better investment. Why? Canister vacs are more powerful, stylish, capable, and long lasting machines while being much quieter and they make vacuuming around the house less of a chore. While on the other hand, upright vacs are generally lower priced and are easier to store in most homes.