How To Clean The Filter From Your Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

How To Clean The Filter From Your Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners help keep our home clean and keep away dust and debris that can affect our health and well-being, but they also need a little bit of help to keep them running just like the first day we bought. To help you with this task we have collected a set of tips on how clean the filters from your bagless vacuum cleaner.

The first thing need to know is that most bagless vacuum cleaners have multiple filters, not just one:

  • Air entrance filter
  • Air exhaust filter
  • Foam filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Microfilter
Cleaning The Filters From Your Bagless Vacuum
How To Clean The Filter From Your Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Clean bagless vacuum cleaner

The first thing need to know is that most bagless vacuum cleaners have multiple filters, not just one:

All of these filters can be cleaned or replaced with new ones when they have begun to deteriorate or break down. Below we will try to explain to you how to best do it quickly and simply and just one reminder – don’t put them in the washing machine or dishwasher.

Periodically it’s essential to clean the air entrance and/or the HEPA filter and to remove their dust. And not only this filter but the foam filter the additional entry and air exit exhaust because they are the first and principle line of defense in protecting our bagless vacuum cleaners systems.

To clean the filters, we need to wash them with running water and pay particular attention to the filter ridges. Usually, the water pressure from our tap water is enough to remove the accumulated dust and debris that remain the filters. If some of the dirt and debris remains in the filter, it is OK to place the full pressure of the water in those specific spots, and if you have a very soft bristle brush, you can use it in those remaining dirty sections.

Before reinserting the clean filter in the machine the filters need to be completely dry, it’s always recommended to wait at least 24 hours before reinserting the filter.

  • It’s typically recommended to clean the air entrance/HEPA filter after six months of use.
  • Also never use your vacuum cleaner without the air entrance/HEPA filter installed since this can cause damage to your vacuum cleaner sensitive interior parts.

Now let’s repeat the same cleaning method to the microfilter normally placed in the backside of the vacuum cleaner.

Rinse Filter with Water, Dry for 24 hours

To clean the chassis and the interior of the vacuum cleaner it’s always good a damp cloth or paper towel to make sure there’s no dust or dirt left behind.

With these cleaning tips you will be able to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner and at the same time having a cleaner home day in and day out.


Some tips and advantages of using a bagless vacuum cleaner

Once you have cleaned your bagless vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to use it just like you did purchase the new. Some bagless vacuum advantages are:

  • Never having to replace a bag

With bagless vacuum cleaners, you won’t have to spend the extra money in buying bags and since some bags only hold between one and 2 quarts of dust and debris and it can be costly and depends on the amount of dust and dirt your home accumulates. This capacity is limited by the size of the machine; some garage/shop vacuum cleaners have a much larger capacity. With bagless vacuum cleaners, all you have to do dump the dust bin and continue cleaning. It’s that easy.

With these bagless vacuum cleaners you won’t have to buy or replace bags again.

  • Trap the dust and help reduce the chance of allergies

Some of the bagless vacuum cleaners come with great filters called HEPA filters. These HEPA filters are designed to reduce 99.98% of interior dust and bacteria associated with allergies. This way you and your family can sleep comfortably knowing that your home is as clean as can be.

  • Bagless vacuum cleaner accessories and head

The majority of bagless vacuum cleaners come with cleaning heads for different types of surfaces. It’s important to use the correct brush for the type of flooring your home has and never interchange the brushes since they can harm your flooring. Example using a tile brush on a wood floor might scratch it. Also many new machines include brushes for furniture. These are great since our couches and chairs can really absorb dust.

  • Size

It’s always crucial to know how much weight we want to carry around. If you have multiple floors in your home carrying a heavy vacuum up and down can be a pain. So remember to evaluate the type of home you have and remember that carrying and moving around with this vacuum every week for many years to come is an import point to keep in mind when you are looking for the ideal bagless vacuum cleaner for your home.

Benefits of a bagless vacuum cleaner

In the last few years, sales of bagless vacuum cleaners have exploded. Every day more and more people choose to replace their traditional bag vacuum cleaners, with bagless vacuum cleaners models. These new bagless systems have improved in their power, efficiency and overall cleaning ability. In many of today’s homes, bagless vacuums have become a default appliance.


Reasons to buy a bagless vacuum cleaner:

1. No more replacing bags.

For many people, this is the principal reason to change from a traditional vacuum cleaner to one without bags. Over the years many manufacturers have stopped making bags for vacuums and many times the generic bags ones do not work as well as the original manufacturer bags.

2. Energy efficiency.

These last few years the power of the motors vacuum cleaners has been limited to under 1600W as this reduces the significant waste of electrical usage. In years past a very high wattage motor was needed for good cleaning but that is no longer the case.

3. HEPA filters for allergies and asthma.

These types of filters are included with the majority of bagless vacuum cleaners. They are designed to trap the smallest dust particles and filter it out, so it does not go back into your newly cleaned home. There are other types of bagless vacuums filters with carbon cleaning and filtration, these filters are carbon-activated and help eliminate odors and are very highly recommended for houses that have pets.

4. Easy to clean dust container.

In most bagless vacuum cleaners, the dust container is usually a simple plastic bin. Remove the dirt bin from the unit and throw away whats inside. The collect dust and debris are all there and place the bin back on the machine. One quick and easy tip is to wash and rinse the inside of the plastic dust container with water. That way, there is no dust when it gets placed back on the vacuum cleaner.

In conclusion, bagless vacuum cleaners are easy to use hygienic and practical. Thanks to the advances in the last few years they have become a household item that needs little maintenance and upkeep. In the past, one of the important drawbacks to bagless vacuum cleaners was the possible loss of suction in the system over time. In today’s higher-end machines, this is not really a problem, all though, on cheaper machines, this might still become a problem issue in the future.